AssignMan is a telecommunications specific service assignment application for copper and fibre networks. AssignMan is equally capable of assigning for copper networks, Access Node (Last Mile) networks, and fully fibre networks. It can be set up to meet individual service provider’s needs, accommodating MDF, Cabinet, DP and Terminal Block network arrangements for copper networks, and providing for fibre features including AP’s, ATB’s, FDH’s FTP’s OLT’s, etc., and for FTTX and GPON system configurations in the fibre environment.

AssignManinterfaces with, builds its inventory from the intelligent GIS database. This inventory is automatically updated by the GIS as network plant is planned and brought into service.

AssignMan responds to CRM requests for network assignment details associated with service and circuit allocations, rearrangements and disconnections. It is normally required to handle some 120 or more individual request types.

AssignMan provides both standard and ad hoc reports relating to network capacity, occupancy, spare capacity and service growth rates based on:

  • Total Network.
  • Geographic Areas.
  • Individual Network Features.

The scope of these reports may be extended through an interface to the Fault Recording System to include service and plant fault statistics, again, to the levels described above.

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