Defense and intelligence

Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Company (AISC) is a leading technology company in Saudi Arabia with extensive experience in delivering defense and intelligence solutions. AISC has developed a state of the art unique Military Intelligence (MINT) Framework to expedite the development and implementation of projects in the defense and intelligence industry. The MINT based enterprise solution can turn data into intelligence. The MINT framework was created for the intelligence community using leading-edge technology to provide end users with powerful solutions and modern intuitive user interfaces.

The MINT framework is used to build enterprise intelligence solutions that support the six intelligence process; Planning, Collection, Processing, Analysis, Dissemination and finally Evaluation/Feedback.  Solutions that accelerate the analysis of large volumes of data and speed up the production of complete intelligence products through compatible set of Web Apps and Geospatial software.

MINT is a software framework consisting of code libraries and toolsets that provide quick and efficient ways to build and deploy intelligence solutions. The framework allows easy customization of the developed solution based on your needs and requirements. The MINT-based solutions are designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure and its scalable and flexible software architecture allows you to build on top of them in the future.

The architecture of the MINT framework has been built based on the following concept.


Gather different types of data; geospatial and non-geospatial, with support of semi-automatic data acquisition form electronic files and existing systems.


Visualize data and information through a rich set of layout options to find connections within data that users didn’t even know existed.


Provide a unique indexing architecture that allows finding any types of data using full-text and geospatial search.


Allow users in different geographic location to collaborate at real-time to accomplish their tasks quickly and efficiently.


Discover and understand patterns and trends hidden in the massive amount of data through different analytic techniques.


A security access layer ensuring that no one sees something they shouldn’t.

AISC have used the MINT framework to develop Command and Control (C2) Systems for the defense industry. C2 System is an integrated system bringing together the component subsystems include Messaging System, Situation Awareness System, Units Management, Manning System, Readiness System, Reporting System, Incidents Alerting System and Military Documents Library ensuring that the subsystems function together in the accomplishment of the military activities during the mission.

Messaging System

Messaging System is a major component of the c2 System. It simplifies the moderator based sending and receiving of email, such as military telegraphs and letters, between military personal of the c2 center. Messaging System allows communication with other forces and all Area Operation Command (AOCs) Centers for joint activity.

Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness is used to display live locations of military units on 2D/3D display. This can display both MIL-STD-2525B and Saudi Military symbology. This allows users to conduct multiple geospatial analysis such as line of sight, threat dome, view shed, slope analysis, 3D modeling of situation etc.

Units Management

Units Management is used to manage the information of units and generate order of battle.

Manning System

Manning System is used to manage manning, specialty of each unit and generate necessary reports.

Readiness System

Readiness System is used to generate order of battle for each unit.

Reporting System

Reporting System is used to generate various pre-defined reports such as Operations Report, Intelligence Report, Manning Report, Logistic Report, Current Situation Report and Movement Orders.

Military Document Library

Military Document Library is an integrated repository of all the standard technical documents, specification documents and reports such as Operations Report, Intelligence Report, Manning Report, Logistic Report, Current Situation Report and Movement Orders. It allows access to documents based on the assigned privileges.


Intelligence Analysis System (INTAS)

Royal Saudi Air Force, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Command and Control (C2) System

Ministry of Defense, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia