Atheeb Work Management System (AWMS) is one of dozens of global applications and solutions that AISC developed to serve all sizes of sectors and enterprises, which seek a boom in work management at full electronic scale. Atheeb Work Management System (AWMS) is a collection of innovative applications and solutions that work together as one coherent and multifunctional system. These capabilities enable the user to get many services, procedures and functions at the same time through the same interface. The innovative way in which the system was designed made it the easiest to install, the fastest to apply, the most user-friendly, the highest productive, the most cost-effective and the most secure.

Version 4.5

Key Benefits

These features lead to increasing productivity and dealing with the system through the Internet. They also enable following up the workflow quickly and accurately. This means providing better services to the customer and thereby increasing the return on investment (ROI) for the enterprise.

  • Integration with (simulating) the organizational structure of an organization.
  • Integration with the functional organizational structure of an organization.
  • Bilingual.
  • Customized system interface.
  • Relying on universal programming technologies.

System Components of AWMS