SmartPlant® Instrumentation – the industry-leading instrumentation solution – facilitates increased productivity and lowered risks on project execution for the EPC and a single source of all instrumentation data access for plant owners to help lower cost of operations and increase process uptime.

In addition, you can create required deliverables from this single data source, ensuring consistency and the ability to manage and indicate changes across the deliverables. The ability to re-use the design and use company best practices increases efficiency and data quality.

Why Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation?

Reduce operational risk

Reduce downtown and maximize profits by managing all instrument data in a single environment

Faster project execution

Rule engine capabilities verify design with custom rules from external data sources for rapid execution

Quality and stability

Tested for increasingly complex projects, from small to large, with added quality and stability

Optimize staffing efficiency

Use in a hosting or workshare environment for remote domain expertise and available resources

On-specification performance

Through its calibration capabilities, ensures correct, on-spec performance of control system and documents

Take command of control situation

Reduce facility-related costs by leveraging data and enforcing consistency in design