SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators maintains the integrity of engineering information across the life cycle. Owner operators face many demands, such as the need to minimize CAPEX and OPEX expenditures; deliver projects as quickly as possible; ensure safe, sustainable production; and demonstrate compliance to meet regulatory authority requirements.

To help meet these demands, Intergraph® offers SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO). SPO leverages the engineering design basis to offer a number of business benefits. An extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions address key owner operator work processes across the facility life cycle.

Key Benefits


SPO's rapid, low-risk implementation of preconfigured solutions supports key work processes.


Data handover and validation from projects are managed in a secure and controlled manner.


Auditable traceability meets regulatory authority demands for demonstrable compliance.


Collaboration is supported both within the O/O and with contractors and suppliers.

Data Integrity

Integrity of engineering information is maintained throughout the life cycle.