EcoSys EPC™ (Enterprise Planning & Controls) is the global standard for project controls software. The easy-to-use web-based platform helps EPCs and owner operators worldwide plan and optimize project portfolios, control project costs, and improve project performance.

Built-in, full life cycle best practices - including budgeting, forecasting, and change management through performance measurement and strategic functions like capital planning and project portfolio management - drive improved project performance. EcoSys EPC is a hub for data integration, delivering greater efficiency and accuracy and feeding the built-in business intelligence engine. Identify potential cost and schedule issues before they spiral out of control and get projects back on track.

Why EcoSys EPC?

Improve Project Performance

Real-time visibility into project metrics serves as an early warning system, allowing project teams to proactively root out sources of cost and schedule overrurns before it's too late.

Do More High-value Work

With data integration and automated reporting, improve efficiency and spend less time consolidating data, manually creating Excel reports, or troubleshooting errors.

Standardize Best Practices

Built-in solutions combined with configurable workflows ensure that your carefully developed processes for project success are being used across the entire organization.