Compression Products


A stand-alone, high performance geospatial image and point cloud compression application designed to simplify the creation of ECW, JPEG2000 and HPC formats.


Empowering software developers to integrate high performance image compression and decompression directly into their applications. Available in read-only or read-write versions, for desktop, server, and mobile platforms.

ERDAS ECWP Browser Plugin

Rapidly stream ECW imagery over the web into your browser.

ECW for ArcGIS Server

Enable Esri ArcGIS for Server to read and serve ECW imagery via standard web services.

ERDAS ECW Plugin for ArcGIS Desktop

Extend the significant viewing and streaming advantages of ECW into the Esri desktop environment.

ECW Plugin for AutoCAD

Greatly improve AutoCAD raster handling with ECW compression.

The Provider Suite

Comprehensively manage and deliver volumes of geospatial and business data.