Better Serve the Enterprise

Extend the reach and usability of the network model and fulfill business needs.

Improve Business Agility

Make more informed decisions, quicker, and adapt to change.

Reduce Costs

Reduce errors, costs, and delays and improve productivity.

G/Technology Products

Intergraph NetWorks FoundationIntergraph NetWorks Portal

Intergraph NetWorks Foundation
Intergraph NetWorks establishes a foundation of standards-based web services that enable the widest range of your users and software to access, visualize, update, and add network data. Intergraph NetWorks offers far greater flexibility and choice in how data and functionality are accessed and deployed, providing a range of critical enterprise capabilities right out-of-the-box. By connecting users across the enterprise with the network model and supporting new applications, Intergraph NetWorks increases the business value of network data, while reducing costs.

Intergraph NetWorks Portal
Intergraph NetWorks Portal quickly configures and deploys websites that combine reliable and up-to-date network engineering and operational information with rich capabilities, giving you the ability to browse, visualize, analyze, update, and add network data. Through a configurable and easy-to-use interface, Intergraph NetWorks Portal provides a more complete information picture that is specific to business functions and users across the enterprise and beyond.


GeoMedia is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

Intergraph G/Technology

Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.

Intergraph InService

Restore power quickly and efficiently.

Intergraph Damage Assessment

Optimize restoration using current data.