Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety

Improve performance and allocate resources more effectively.



Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety products help agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of public safety data and report the results for better resource planning and deployment. With our software, analysts can compare current and past situations and determine relationships and trends. Supervisors and command staff can perform real-time performance measurement and monitoring through intuitive dashboards. Agencies can provide the public with access to incident information. By applying public safety big data to decision-making, our business intelligence software helps agencies improve performance and allocate resources more effectively.

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"It used to take us anywhere from 6 months to 8 months to developed accurate reports. With Business Intelligence for Public Safety we're able to generate a report within a day."

Teddy Kavaleri- Chief Information Officer, Office of Unified Communications

icon-public-safetyOptimize Date

Access and analyze large volumes of data.

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Create easy-to-understand reports.

icon-public-safetyImprove Performance

Identify trends and better allocate resources.

Products & Capabilities
Business Intelligence DirectBusiness Intelligence EnterpriseBusiness Intelligence PremiumAdd-ons

Business Intelligence Direct

Business Intelligence Direct products provide built-in analytics capabilities for I/CAD and inPURSUIT WebRMS. Users can quickly and easily access, analyze, and report on operational data about calls, events, units, and more. Relying on a pre-built universe, they can create and schedule pre-configured reports, perform ad-hoc analysis and reporting, and present data in easy-to-understand textual and graphical formats. With our Business Intelligence Direct products, organizations can access built-in tools to help improve operational planning, performance, and decision-making.

Business Intelligence Enterprise

Business Intelligence Enterprise provides powerful and comprehensive tools for strategic and historical reporting and trend analysis of enterprise data. It features Business Intelligence Premium capabilities, plus the ability to integrate any data source. With Business Intelligence Enterprise, organizations can access comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities for a complete information picture. (Available in U.S. and Canada only.)

Business Intelligence Premium

Business Intelligence Premium provides powerful tools for strategic and historical reporting and trend analysis of data from I/CAD, inPURSUIT RMS, and inPURSUIT WebRMS. Business Intelligence Premium features Business Intelligence Direct capabilities, plus the addition of a data warehouse for quick data retrieval, additional analysis, and improved performance. It also offers real-time dashboards, map-based views of raw data, and additional pre-built reports.


Business Intelligence for Public Safety add-ons enhance data viewing and retrieval capabilities. With added tools for mobile, search, and visualization, organizations can extend access to smartphones and tablets, improve search and exploration, and enhance information visualization and understanding.


Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services uses public safety business intelligence to improve resource management, reduce response times, and optimize service quality.

Halton Regional Police Services

Bavarian State Police use computer-aided dispatch to unify statewide command center operations and support first res ponders with location-based incident data.

Louisville MetroSafe

Louisville MetroSafe uses computer-aided dispatch and analytics to support and integrate multi-agency incident management and response.