Reduce Cost & Risk

Reduce time, cost, and risk of developing and maintaining custom, point-to-point interfaces through no-code approach.

Reduce Complexity

Eliminate high start-up and maintenance costs and need for specialist staff associated with an enterprise service bus.

Improve Performance & Capabilities

Quickly integrate new applications, systems, and workflows to improve performance and enhance organizational capabilities. 


Streamlined Interfacing

A central platform to manage and implement interfaces. Build, test, and deploy from a single screen.

Powerful Features

Features a business rules engine, supports all major integration methods, and enables robust data transformation.

Configurable & Reusable

Promotes reusable, loosely coupled interfaces, and features extensive support for Microsoft .NET environments.

Lightweight & Easy to Use

Installs in minutes. Immediately start configuring integrations. No need to write code or be a technically advanced user.


Can be deployed on its own or in a hybrid approach alongside custom development or ESBs.

Pre-built Interfaces

Enhances Hexagon products with “Connect” interfaces to I/CAD, InPursuit WebRMS, and I/Security.

Frederick County

Frederick County Maryland uses integration platform to seamlessly connect different CAD systems and develop tailored interfaces to meet multi-agency needs.

EdgeFrontier Demo

An integration platform that enables rapid, affordable interface development, EdgeFrontier provides a lightweight, yet powerful infrastructure for integrating business processes and sharing data.

What's Your Integration Strategy

Listen to Jack Williams, global business development lead for EdgeFrontier, discuss the critical importance of having an application integration strategy.