PlanMan is a project workflow management application that tracks the progress of Planning Proposals from initiation through to forwarding for the issuing of a Work Order to implement. PlanMan provides for multiple scenario development and analysis.

During a Planning Proposal’s lifecycle PlanMan interfaces with GlS, Finance and Human Resources Systems. The PlanMan process is:

  • Receipt of Request for Planning.
  • Auto assignment to Planner (based on geographic area, planner’s workload, planner’s expertise or other company set criteria).
  • Generation of a Planning Proposal.
  • Development of Proposal Drawing/s, Bill of Quantities and Bill of Material whilst design is being carried out in GlS.

On completion of the Planning Proposal:


  • Submission for approval.
  • Recording for future funding.
  • Filing for bring-up for issue of a Work Order for construction.


  • Saving as Scenario 1.
  • Modification for production of Scenario’s 2, 3 4 etc.
  • Selection of the best solution scenario.
  • Submission of this scenario as above for approval etc.
  • Archiving of the rejected scenarios for future reference.

PlanMan provides both standard and ad hoc reports relating to:

  • Overall Planning Proposal Workload.
  • Specific Planning Proposals.
  • Planning Proposals relating to specified geographical areas.
  • Individual planner’s workload.
  • Individual planner’s work performance.


These reports can contain details of project labour requirements, material requirements and costs as needed.